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Let me support you on your journey in becoming the best version of yourself. Together we can work on an achievable plan that suits your lifestyle, budget, and needs.


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Virtual course & classes is on it’s way! The grocery store is definitely the start of where nutrition goals turn into action. Grocery shopping with Charmaine will leave you with a better game plan on how to shop smart and set yourself up for success. 



Please contact us via to request our corporate wellness program packet.  We will send that right over so you are able to review are wellness and nutrition programs in more details.

Interested in having a Health Fair or a special Health Education Luncheon for your staff: Contact us at [email protected]com to learn more about the programs that we offer businesses to assist their employees with a healthy lifestyle!

Lunch & Learn Seminars: 

Eating Healthy on the Run

How to Manage Stressful Eating 

Foods to Boost Your Mood 

Healthy Weight Management 

General Nutrition and Wellness Topics 





If interested in having Charmaine as a Guest Speaker or Panelist please send an email to [email protected]

Professional Talk:

Cultural Competency in the Dietetics and Nutrition Field

Creating Nutrition Programs for Disadvantaged Communities

Miseducation of Cultural Foods in Dietetics and Nutrition 

Starting a Nutrition Practice for Young Entrepreneurs

Providing Nutrition Counseling for People of Color 

1-on-1 Nutrition Consultation (60 minutes)

Follow-up Session (30 minutes)


Food for thought!



The Miseducation of Cultural Food podcast is an engaging talk show on the misrepresentation of race and cultural foods in the field of food, nutrition and dietetics, including conversations around your table. Our podcast is dedicated to dismantling racism and bias of traditional foods in different cultures, healthcare settings, and the food system.


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  • ABC 7 News/Channel 8, One episode ‘Back to School Lunch,’ August 13, 2021 (Producer provided a set of questions, Answers were unscripted).  
  • One episode ‘Response to Frozen Honey Tik Tok,’ August 22, 2021 (Producer provided a set of questions; answers were unscripted). 
  • ‘The Benefits of Water and Daily Intake.’  December 3, 2018 (Producer provided a set of questions, answers were unscripted; invited to return and do another wellness and health segment). 
  • CGTN America, in DC. One episode ‘The benefits of Kombucha,’ February 5, 2018. (Producer provided a set of questions; answers were unscripted); an example of a segment: 
  • ABC7/Channel 8. One episode ‘Let’s Talk Live.” March 9, 2017; an example of segment  (


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