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Nutrition Counseling


Food Jonezi offers a simple nutrition solution for you and your family.  We offer a 60 minutes nutrition and wellness session that include nutrition assessments and establishing realistic goals to help you achieve your health and fitness needs.   Food Jonezi provides individual nutrition coaching and counseling services to fit your needs.


How will my counseling services help you?

  • You will learn what to eat and when to eat so you don’t have to battle hunger pains
  • You will learn the right foods to eat to make you feel vibrant and energized all day
  • I will help you debunk those nutrition myths and get rid of the confusion about fad diets and internet nutrition
  • You can improve your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and manage your weight with the right kind of meal and exercise plan.
  • If you are on medications, you can potentially reduce your use of taking them.
  • Overall, you can improve your quality of life.


Say No to Dangerous Fad Diets

Are you tired of ‘yo-yo’ dieting?  Are you frustrated with fad diets and nutrition claims that simply don’t work?  Say no more.  Food Jonezi can help create a customized meal and exercise plan design based on your health goals.  You will learn the correct number of calories for your body.  My motto is to make you HEALTHY to become your best self and NOT TO MAKE YOU SKINNY!   

Let Food Jonezi help you eat right, your way, everyday!



Food Jonezi can help you eat well with food allergies or intolerance.  Its torture trying to figure out which foods to avoid that causes you to have unwanted side effects.  Before clearing out your refrigerator, you want to make an accurate diagnosis of knowing which foods are really causing the problem.  You should know the difference between food allergy and food intolerance.  

Food allergy occurs when your body’s immune system reacts to a substance in a food, usually a protein, your body sees as harmful.  This sets off a chain reaction within your body. Symptoms can occur within minutes and can be mild–such as a runny nose or itchy eyes to severe and even life-threatening.

Food intolerance occurs when your body is unable to digest a certain component of a food, such as lactose, a sugar found in milk. Though symptoms of intolerance may be unpleasant, including abdominal cramping or diarrhea, they are not life-threatening.


"Enjoy your food, but eat less"

Become satisfied with living a healthier lifestyle and enjoying tasteful foods.  My primary reason in becoming a registered dietitian is to help people to be healthier, so they can add another reason to smile each day to their list.  Let Food Jonezi help bring true wellness and nutrition balance into your life by offering a simple eating plan that works well with your exercise regimen, and fast-paced lifestyle.


If you want to learn how to reduce your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol level with the right eating and exercise plan regimen, than Food Jonezi can help.  Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is an essential component of comprehensive health care.  Individuals with a variety of conditions and illnesses can improve their heath and quality of life receiving medical nutrition therapy.  During an MNT intervention, I counsel clients on behavioral and lifestyle changes required to impact long-term eating habits and health.

Food Jonezi’s Medical Nutrition Therapy includes:

  1. Performing a comprehensive nutrition assessment determining the nutrition diagnosis;

  2. Planning and implementing a nutrition intervention using evidence-based nutrition practice guidelines;

  3.  Monitoring and evaluating an individual’s progress over subsequent visits with me.

Other nutrition services for a variety of diseases and conditions including:

  • Cardiovascular Diseases: hypertension, dyslipidemia, congestive heart failure

  • Diabetes: Type 1, Type 2, Gestational

  • Disease Prevention: general wellness

  • GI Disorders: celiac disease, Crohn’s disease

  • Immunocompromise: food allergy, HIV/AIDS

  • Weight Management: overweight/obesity,

  • Women’s Health: pregnancy, osteoporosis, anemia