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Girls Night Out Cooking Class

Learn how to cook delicious and healthy meals with your girlfriends! If you love laughter, food, and cooking new recipes with your best friends than join Food Jones’ cooking class.

The Girlfriendz Cooking Class


Welcome Girlfriendz, 

It is an honor to celebrate Food Jonezi’s Girlfriendz Cooking Experience with you!  I have partnered with one of my girlfriend, Carmen’s Sorrier & Shinding to celebratetrue friendship as we listen to music, cook, and dine together.   

We have developed this cooking class to inspire you and your BFF to conquer your health together with some fun and delicious meals.

You and your BFF will be taken on a healthy culinary experience with myself as your dietitian and with my personal chef. We will teach you how to cook meals that will leave your tummy and taste buds satisfied! 

This class is designed to celebrate women, our health, and our beauty while learning how to prepare nutritious recipes!   

So join us in celebrating our girlfriends’ successhappiness,and prosperity through laughter, good times, and good food!

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GirlFriendz Cooking Experience Prices

  • Package of 4:  $275.00

  • Package of 6: $415.00

  • Package of 8: $550.00

  • Individual: $75 per person