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Food Jonezi

Food Jonezi is a consulting practice that specializes in nutrition counseling and education, wellness and prevention, menu planning, and nutrition analysis.

Food Jonezi exclusively offers concierge services such as Dining Momentz, which transforms the everyday dining room table into an elegant or contemporary setting that allows the host and guest(s) to healthily dine in style at an affordable cost. 


On February 8, 2013, Charmaine Jones started a blog that imparted nutrition advice and shared individual weight loss stories.  Charmaine's blog inspired readers to "kick to the curb" poor eating habits and lifestyle behaviors and adopt new ones.  Charmaine's followers also found her blog to be a tremendous resource for weight loss tips, food and nutrition information, and delicious recipes.  Upon receiving countless reader comments and follower feedback, Charmaine recognized a need to offer affordable nutrition services to urban communities, single mothers, and busy professionals who were struggling to meet their health, nutrition, and weight loss goals.  As a result, Food Jonezi was founded later that year to fill this gap and address nutritional barriers.


Food Jonezi believes all individuals, regardless of your socioeconomic background, deserve a healthy life.  Food Jonezi offers affordable nutrition counseling and wellness services to all individuals while specifically focusing on nutrition obstacles faced by urban communities, single mothers and fathers, and busy professionals. 

Our nutrition practice strives to tackle our clients' nutrition and wellness concerns, whether it involves weight loss, dysfunctional eating habits, diabetes, stress or everything else in between, through savvy counseling techniques and targeted medical nutrition therapy.  Food Jonezi simply does not stand for ‘fad diets’ or food deprivation. Instead, our practice ensures clients develop lifetime habits that are easy and enjoyable and have access to up-to-date resources to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. 


  • Provide quality and value-based nutrition and wellness services to meet clients' nutritional needs.
  • Use reliable and evidence-based nutrition and preventative care practices. 
  • Serve as a information platform for preventative care, weight loss, and wellness.  
  • Encourage clients to eat healthier foods, become physically active, and help them find “self” time to achieve well-balanced lives.  
  • Offer services to individuals from diverse socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Empower and guide clients throughout their nutrition and wellness journey.