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Dining Momentz by Charmaine

This is an exclusive service that transforms your dining room table into an elegant or contemporary setting that allows you and your guest (s) to dine in style at an affordable cost.  This service provides a free 20 minutes home consultation of a walk-through in your dining room area and brainstorm session on how you want your dinner setting to look at your next dinner party.   Just in case you do not have any ideas on what to serve; Dining Momentz by Charmaine also provides a variety of menu options with healthy recipes for additional cost.  So, the next time you want to impress your guest (s) at your next celebration do it; but do it in style and healthy!     

Our Menus includes our favorite recipes and are designed for:

1. Romantic Evenings (Impress her/Impress him)

2.  Girls Night In

3.  The Man Cave

4. Brunch

5. Dinner Party for six or more

8. Birthday Party:

  • Bachelorette and Bachelor’s party
  • Youngster Party
  • Twenty—ONE
  • Thirty Martini
  • Forty Feels Fabulous                     
  • Mature Menu

9. Customized Vegetarian/Vegan Menu

And Yes! We will go shopping for you too. If you do not have time to pick up the food items from the menu, we can arrange a service that will do that for you. At the moment¸ we do not have a chef to prepare these awesome items…but we will keep you informed when we hire one!