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Case Studies

How My Client Lost Over 15 Pounds While Attending Out-Of-State College

charmaine jones

Who said you had to gain the freshman 15? Instead, we at Food Jonezi helped our client lose over 15 pounds while attending an out of state college! 

Lose weight while at school

Before joining the Food Jonezi’s Accountability Program, our client was a 20-year-old female who had a family history of diabetes. She knew she was at risk of becoming a diabetic and knew that her nutrition and weight needed to change. Her goal was to lose weight and belly fat, improve eating habits and increase physical activity.



The Impacts Of Being Overweight For Our Client

Being overweight had put our client at risk of many health problems that would only escalate with time. One of the major risks our client was facing was becoming diabetic. At Food Jonezi our goal was to help our client not only lose weight but begin an overall healthy lifestyle. This started with encouraging and guiding our client towards a creating a better relationship with food, one that was more sustainable.


Diabetes Lose Weight

How We Helped Our Client Have A Healthier Relationship With Food


Having a healthy relationship with food was vital to our client’s success. Our team of dietitians conducted regular nutrition education programs to help our client begin thinking about food as a source of nutrition and energy instead of something to relieve stress or to be avoided.

After educating our client on nutrition, we created her a healthy custom meal plan to follow. This meal plan helped prevent the client from binge eating and dieting. The meal plan we created still had all the foods our client enjoyed but the ingredients and how we prepared the meal was now healthier.


Diabetes Lose Weight

Our Clients Progress To Successful Weight Loss


At Food Jonezi we were with our client every step of the way as she worked to reach her health goals. As part of the Food Jonezi’s Accountability Program, our team of dietitians consistently worked with our client to review her fitness regime, meals, and overall progress throughout the day. The result was accountability, motivation and successfully losing over 15 pounds (6.4%).

The Result!

We are excited to share that our client achieved her weight loss goal!  Today, our client continues to work with our team of dietitians as she continues to finish college.


Lose weight diabetes

Our client continues to update Food Jonezi staff with progress while away at college. 

“I really appreciate your program and you most of all. The smallest things helped me in the greatest ways and I love the lifestyle that I am in right now. I definitely want to continue even after I finish my program with you.”

---Deb K.  December 5 th 2017