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Happy & Healthy Fourth of July!

charmaine jones

A Happy & Healthy 4th of July to you! Who's going to watch fireworks tomorrow?

Photo by Photo Phiend

Photo by Photo Phiend

The 4th of July is a time of celebration. Here are some simple food and nutrition tips as you enjoy the holiday with family and friends:

1.     Use smaller plates to fix your meals.

2.     Make half your plate vegetables and fruits.

3.     Enjoy lean baked and grilled meats. Try to avoid fried foods including vegetables and fruits.

4.     After each meal, wait 10 minutes before having seconds.

5.     Snack on watery, juicy fruits, vegetables and nuts to keep you hydrated and full.

6.     Make a low-fat dipping sauce for crabs or seafood.


Photo by vishpool

Photo by vishpool

Low-fat crab dipping sauce ideas:  

Instead of mayonnaise TRY 1 tbsp of Low-fat Mayonnaise with 1tbsp of Dijon Mustard or Horseradish OR 1 tbsp of original or flavor hummus with 1 tbsp of Dijon Mustard or Horseradish

Instead of salt TRY a mixed herbal blend such as basil, rosemary, and oregano OR Mrs. Dash without salt

Instead of hot sauce TRY cayenne pepper, hot peppers or jalapenos     

Finally, always practice good food safety habits:

·       Check food temperatures periodically.  

·       Mayonnaise-based salads should always be stored on ice.

·       Meats and protein-based foods (eggs) should be covered and away from uncooked meats.  

To learn more about proper food handling visit


Cheers to a Happy Holiday,

Food Jonezi