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8 out of 22 Food Jonezi’s Goals Became Miracles: Thank You!

charmaine jones


Everyone knows the celebration of the New Year is my favorite holiday.  As the New Year approaches, I completely stop everything I’m doing and begin to slowly isolate myself from the world.  I start to reflect on all my accomplishments and challenges throughout the year. 

I make note of them in my favorite journal. I pray about them.  I meditate on them.  I smile about all my achievements.  I’ll boastfully tell myself, well done.   And, I humph about all the mistakes I made.  At this moment, I start to close my eyes and think, think, and think harder about how I can make those mistakes become miracles.  Oh no, not miracles that you read from a magical story, but miracles that are accomplished by everyday people.  

These people have worked hard to turn their challenges into successes--whether it’s reaching a weight goal, controlling blood sugar, making wiser food choices, or adding 10 extra minutes to their fitness regimen. These “miracles” were once a challenge and now have become an accomplishment and an inspiration to others.  By the way, I love these types of stories.


I would like to take a moment to share my accomplishments this year and those challenges that I will continue to work on and turn into miracles in 2016. 

2015 Accomplishments:

April 23, 2015, I scribbled down 22 visions/goals on bright green sticky notes. Eight of them actually became my miracles.  Pretty good, right!   I actually took pictures of them, so you can witness and share these moments:  Here they are:


Vision #2: 10 new clients by the end of the year

Miracle:   I gained 30 new clients by the end of the year.

Vision #3: Partner with 4 Corporate/Government Agencies

Miracle: I have partnered with Trusted Health Plan to facilitate a nutrition and wellness program every Friday.  I am waiting to hear back from other organizations, so keep your fingers cross.

Vision #4: Be the go-to registered dietitian to provide nutrition and food advice for mainstream magazines and blogs.

Miracle: I was featured on E-How,, ActiveTimes, Del V-Immune Blog,, World-Lifestyle and SafeBee.  I am currently a health and nutrition contributor writer for  

Vision #6: Business will expand and I will hire full time staff.

Miracle:  It surely did.  I have four superstars who have joined my team to help expand my brand and services throughout the DMV. 

Vision #8: Have celebrity clients.

Miracle:  Well, not really.  But, I did work with the owners of Mielle Organics Hair Products and actor Taye Diggs follows me on Twitter! 

Vision #9:  Custom T-shirts will sell-out at May 6th event!

Miracle:  I sold plenty of my “&Healthy” lifestyle brand fitted shirts this year.  The best news is the Nutrition Department at Andrew University has placed an order for their students.   Food Jonezi and team are working hard to get them in stores…we will keep you updated!

Vision #11: Be confident, strong, determined, and always be thankful for where God has brought me from and where He will take me.

Miracle:  This particular goal, I strive for each day of my life.  I always give thanks to God for blessing me with the gift to share and teach about food and nutrition and heal others.

Vision #14:  Be the Best Registered Dietitian in the World.

Miracle:  I have scribbled this saying on every page in all my journals.  I smile each time I read this saying.  I believe my clients think I’m the best Registered Dietitian in the World.  Heck, I know my family believes I am too.


My Sticky-Notes of 2015 Visions: 


Challenges to turn into miracles:

Vision #1: Continue to be the best Registered Dietitian in the world.


Vision #2: Continue to provide first-class nutrition counseling and services to clients.


Vision #3:  Accepting that the answer “no” is not always a bad thing.  I must understand that it’s God’s way of allowing new people, new opportunities, and new adventures to come in my life and bless me in unimaginable ways.


Vision #4:  Stop taking life so seriously; and therefore, be more kind and generous to myself.  I really love this one.


To this end, I would like to say thank you to my wonderful team who have worked with me to provide A-1 services to my clients and social media followers. 

In 2016, we have come up with a plan to raise the bar in giving you (our clients and supporters) the best care and nutrition services in the DMV.   We will be offering monthly memberships, nutrition and health online classes, weekly access to one of our registered dietitians through our new app, and our new wedding weight-loss program.   Stay tuned!


To all my clients and social media followers, I would like to give you my heartiest, and warmest Thank You for all your support and love!


Cheers To Your Health,



Heal. Love. Free Yourself.