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I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has a fit when it’s time to exercise!


I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has a fit when it’s time to exercise!

charmaine jones

Please don’t judge me.  But, I have to be honest—it’s tough working out for 45 minutes a day.  {Sighed} I feel liberated now that I said that!  As my mother would say, “now that’s a crying shame.”   Ok.  I’m ready to hear what y’all have to say.  Let me have it.   I’ll take that. And that. And that too.  I can hear y’all screaming, “You’re a HYPOCRIT!  “How can you give advice when you’re struggling too?” LOL.   

In my defense, I wasn't always like this. In my early twenties, I was on it. I exercised for an hour each day.  I did boot-camps, intense spinning classes, weight lifting, jogged up to 4 miles a day.  You name it; I was up for the challenge.  Something happened. I completely stopped liking exercising.   Honestly, I can’t place my finger on when I started to feel this way.  I mean, it has gotten so bad that even when I think about exercising, I instantly become tired.  And, God have mercy on me when each time someone invites me to the gym, I always feel like passing out.  When I do workout, my legs start feeling like dangling noodles, my head hurts, and I try to talk to anyone to past time.  I just can’t shake this feeling.  Perhaps, my age caught up with me? Or, I simply don’t have the energy as I once had since going back to school while working a highly demanding job.  I swear my energy level plummeted over the years. 

Surely, I am not some lazy, insensitive nutritionist who simply tells people how to change their eating habits and lifestyle behaviors to improve their current health conditions or lose weight.  Nope, that’s not me.   When I feel like I need a stress relief or have a specific fitness goal then I become motivated and hit the gym hard for several weeks. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what the dietary guidelines says about exercising that it is recommended that all adults should participate in at least 45 minutes of physical activity, your way, on most days.  Shoot, I find it hard to even meet that simple recommendation on any given day.  Is there anyone or RD feels the same way?  I’m just saying.

Since, I self-proclaim myself as a foodie and not fitness guru, I will cut myself some slack. And, not to mention, I am also human too. So, I do I have some areas of improvement.

Therefore, I have made a commitment to participate in some type of physical activity at least four times a week for the remaining of this year.  That’s right.  That means I will commit two days out the week and every Saturday and Sunday to do some type of physical activity.   The main goal here is to add fitness back into my life again. 

I would love for you to share this journey with me.  The one thing I always tell my clients is make sure you surround yourself with a super supportive team to cheer you on as you strive towards your nutrition and fitness goals.  This team could be family members, close friends, children or partner.  There is nothing in the world of having a buddy rooting in your corner.  

I will keep you posted of this RD’s journey back to fitness by sharing my workout schedules, fitness videos with my trainers and friends.   I am so excited.  Next week, I will post my workout schedule for the first two weeks.

 I love to hear all about your fitness and nutrition goals too. Please feel free to share them. If you also have general health or nutrition questions about your eating habits as you become fit; I don’t mind sharing evidence-based nutrition facts, so please feel free to ask them.  It is my plan to have fitness experts featured on my blog to help answer questions regarding your workout.