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Eating 12 Grapes at Midnight

Food Jonezi

Happy New 

Year’s Eve!!

This is my favorite time of the year!  I simply enjoy the sense of starting fresh for a new year.  During this time of the year, I am inspired, filled with hope and gratitude, and mostly motivated to continue crafting the path that God’s has planned for me   

For me, this time of year is like:

·         Being an eagle soaring above clouds. 

·         Taking a deep breath of fresh cold air after letting go all your fears and bad habits. 

·         Getting bear hugs from my nephews (Boots and Emmanuel). 

·         Jumping for joy when you pass that major examination. 

Yes. Today marks my one year anniversary of being a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

To this end, I would like to share one more reason why I am so fascinated about the New Year.  I have come to love the Hispanic’s tradition and superstition of eating “Eating 12 Grapes at midnight” on New Year’s Eve.   Within the first 12 seconds of the New Year, individuals of the Hispanic origin focuses on eating 12 “miraculous red grapes” that symbolize 12 lucky months ahead.   One by one, an individual eat a grape and make a wish for something extraordinary to happen in that month.   I love this.  And, I challenge you to do the same. 

Go and buy a bundle of grapes.  Wash them.  Place them in a small bowl.  Pop a grape in your mouth.  As you chewing, make a wish or think of a goal that you would like to happen in that month.  Write it down on a paper.  Repeat these steps 11 more times.  Then work hard to accomplish those goals and watch your wishes come true throughout the year.  I am pretty superstitious…but I always have something amazing to look forward to.    

Have a Prosperous and Healthy New Year!

-- Food Jonezi-

Health Benefits of Grapes:

-  Grape skin has resveratrol, the powerful antioxidant that have shown to fight off cancer, heart disease, nerve disease such as Alzheimer’s disease and viral infections

- The plant chemicals in grape skin can keep blood vessels open wide by producing nitric oxide, a hormone that has shown to cause blood vessels to dilate or open.

-  1 cup of grapes only provides 25% of Vitamin K, 21% of copper, 8% of Vitamin B2, and between 62-100 calories, a perfect food for waistline management.

3 Fun Facts about Grapes

1. Brought From Spain --- Spanish explorers introduced the fruit to America about 300 years ago.

2. They're Berries! ---Yes, grapes are a kind of berry. They have a leathery covering and a fleshy inside, similar to blueberries.

3. Many Colors --- Grapes come in many colors, including green, red, black, yellow, pink, and purple. "White" grapes are actually green.


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